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Article: Farmers promote biodiversity and protect endangered species

Landwirte fördern die Artenvielfalt und schützen gefährdete Arten

Farmers promote biodiversity and protect endangered species

Our Advent calendar journey celebrates the important role farmers play in communities around the world. Farmers promote biodiversity and protect endangered species through sustainable practices such as crop rotation, intercropping and natural pest control. They also place great emphasis on preserving natural habitats and protecting wildlife through conservation efforts. Supporting sustainable farmers can help protect the planet and its species.

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Landwirte sind für die Nahrungsmittelversorgung von entscheidender Bedeutung

Farmers are crucial to the food supply

Let's celebrate the role of farmers in global food production with an Advent calendar journey that highlights their importance. Farmers are crucial in ensuring the world's population has enough fo...

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Landwirte mildern die Auswirkungen von Naturkatastrophen

Farmers mitigate the effects of natural disasters

Farmers play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of natural disasters. When hurricanes, floods or other natural disasters strike, farmers are often the first to be affected. However, they are ...

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