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Article: The fascinating story of Fendt: innovation, success and sustainability

Die Faszinierende Geschichte von Fendt: Innovation, Erfolg und Nachhaltigkeit

The fascinating story of Fendt: innovation, success and sustainability


Fendt, a name that is a legend in the agricultural technology industry. The history of this company is rich in innovations, successes and a clear commitment to sustainability. Let's delve together into the fascinating history of Fendt, from its beginnings to today.

The founding and early milestones

The journey began in 1930 when Xaver Fendt laid the foundation for the company in Germany. A significant success was already recorded in 1935 when the 100th Dieselross left the factory. The pneumatic-tired Dieselross F18 set standards across Europe with its driving-independent and power-shiftable PTO.

The “ff” Series and The Rise to the Top

1958 marked a turning point with the introduction of the “ff” series. With a new design and outputs of 15-80 hp, Fendt reached the top of the tractor manufacturers. The slogan “Who drives Fendt leads” became the leitmotif and accompanied the brand on its path to success.

The 90s: Continuously variable Vario transmission

The 90s brought a revolution when Fendt presented the continuously variable Vario transmission. This groundbreaking technology prevailed well beyond the decade and consolidated Fendt's position as a pioneer in agricultural technology.

Sustainability as a basic principle

Fendt is characterized not only by technology, but also by sustainability. The machines are designed to minimize the environmental footprint by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Success, takeover and future

The success story continued, and in 1996 the 500,000th tractor left the assembly line. In January 1997, it was taken over by AGCO Corp., which heralded a new chapter in Fendt's history. But the brand remained true to its credo of continuing to offer innovative solutions and first-class products.

Fendt 2024: A look into the future

Today, Fendt continues to stand for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. With an impressive legacy and a clear view of the future, Fendt remains a pioneer in the agricultural technology industry.


The history of Fendt is a captivating journey through the developments in agricultural technology. From the early diesel engines to the continuously variable Vario transmission, Fendt has not only manufactured machines, but has also set standards. The combination of tradition and innovation makes Fendt a company that not only honors the past, but also shapes the future.

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