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Article: 🚜🎉 Helau and Alaaf! 🎭 Happy Carnival from ReeKOV!

🚜🎉 Helau und Alaaf! 🎭 Frohes Fasching von ReeKOV!

🚜🎉 Helau and Alaaf! 🎭 Happy Carnival from ReeKOV!

A big thank you to all the farmers whose hard work makes life in the country and the carnival season so special. Let's celebrate together and share the joy!

Carnival, also known as Fasching or Fastnacht, is a vibrant and festive season celebrated in Germany and many other parts of the world. Here is more information about carnival in Germany:

1. **Tradition and History:** Carnival has deep historical roots and is linked to pre-Easter traditions. It is a time when people celebrate wildly before the period of fasting and reflection during Lent.

2. **Costumes and parades:** A highlight of the carnival are the participants' elaborate costumes. Colorful and creative outfits are worn, and many cities hold parades with floats, music and dancing.

3. **Local Variations:** Different regions in Germany have their own unique ways of celebrating Carnival. For example, the Rhineland, particularly cities like Cologne and Düsseldorf, are particularly known for their lively and extravagant celebrations.

4. **History of the Fools:** The main part of Carnival celebrations usually begins on "Weiberfastnacht" (Women's Carnival) and reaches its climax on the weekend before Ash Wednesday. This period is sometimes referred to as "Fools' Week."

5. **Costume balls and parades:** In addition to parades and street parties, Carnival also features various cultural events such as masked balls, comedy shows and live performances. It's a time for satire, humor and the temporary reversal of social norms.

6. **Rose Monday as a highlight:** The highlight of the celebrations is often on Rose Monday, which includes some of the largest and most famous parades. These parades are known for their elaborate floats, political satire and large crowds.

7. **Traditional Food:** Carnival is also a time for enjoying special foods and drinks. Traditional treats include Berliner Pfannkuchen (a type of doughnut) and doughnuts.

8. **Symbols:** The Jesters are iconic symbols of Carnival. Their costumes often feature colorful, patterned clothing, jester hats, and bells.

Overall, Carnival is a time of joy, celebration and community that is celebrated diversely and lively throughout Germany. 🥳🌾 #Fasching #Karneval #Bauern #Agriculture #Helau #Alaaf #ReeKOV #Bauernleben #Traktor

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