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Article: Revolutionizing the tractor industry with handcrafted armrests

Revolutionierung der Traktorenindustrie mit handgefertigten Armlehnen

Revolutionizing the tractor industry with handcrafted armrests

Deutz armrest

It may come as a surprise to many of our customers that top brands in the expensive and luxury tractor market often overlook the importance of comfortable armrests. This problem was brought to our attention by our farmer friends, which led our development team to create a new standard of comfort in tractor design.

Our armrests are handmade in Germany and only use the highest quality materials because we value durability and functionality. We firmly believe that every farmer deserves an ergonomic armrest that makes long working hours more bearable and efficient.

Our design not only provides comfort but also ensures durability, functionality and compatibility with most tractor models. We have made great efforts to make the installation process simple and hassle-free.

We are confident that our handcrafted armrests will exceed your expectations and provide you with the support you need during long hours of work. Don't compromise on your comfort, upgrade your tractor today!

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